Xiaomi MI5 Gets MIUI 8.2 Stable Version Update Now


Last month Xiaomi started to send MIUI 8.2 stable version notification update, but Xiaomi MI5 has been upgraded to Android 7.0 and got update at the same time as Xiaomi MI5 MIUI 8.2, therefore, in order to keep system stable, Xiaomi MI5 MIUI 8.2 update has been delayed. Right now according to netizens, Xiaomi MI5 MIUI 8.2 update notification has started to send.

At the end of last month, Xiaomi MI5 starts to upgrade with MIUI 8.2, some users have got Xiaomi MI5 miui 8.2 beta version firmware. This time Xiaomi starts to send MIUI 8.2 update on the large scale, but it’s very strange that the upgrading interface still shows it’s beta version, after upgrading, the interface shows MIUI 8.2 stable version according to users’ feedback.

As you know, MIUI 8.2 OS update has added new smart desktop management function, providing better and smarter service according to users’ data analysis. In addition, it can provide new system sound effect and ring, auto-managing task, and other functions. Therefore, have you received the Xiaomi MI5 MIUI 8.2 update now?



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