Xiaomi MI6 New Version Spotted: Add Two More Logos


Today we have found a new Xiaomi model, ‘MCT1’, when we think it is a new smartphone, but according to checking, it is the Xiaomi MI6 T-Mobile version. From the page, it shows Xiaomi MI6 new version has 145.17×70.49×7.45mm dimensions, 168g weight, adopting 5.15 inch 1080P screen, built in 3,250mAh battery.

As for specs, it is powered by Octa core 2.4GHz processor, RAM 6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, coming with dual camera, 8MP front and 12MP back. It is the variants of Xiaomi MI6, because it is marked that it is customized by T-mobile, but it can still support netcom.

If there is no other issues, Xiaomi MI6 T-mobile version should be sold offline, provided by China mobile shops, which can offer a new channel to buy Xiaomi MI6. It is a little strange that this Xiaomi MI6 T-Mobile version has a wifi or NFC logo in the middle besides China mobile logo on the back. We have no idea what it means. Stay tuned.


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