Xiaomi MI6 Performance Score Unveil on Master Lu


Previously, there is a netizen leaking that he has got the Xiaomi MI6 Antutu score picture to show its Antutu score is over 210,000 points. So it will confirm Xiaomi MI6 using Snapdragon 835 processor, as you know current Snapdragon 821 flagship smartphone only has 160,000 points.

Right now a netizen on Weibo has leaked the other screenshot about Xiaomi MI6 scores, but it shows to be tested by Master Lu, the scores are over 110,000 points, which is 100% over other smartphones, and its antutu test score is over 225,000 points.

Although right now we can’t confirm the reliability, but it is worthwhile to know that Xiaomi MI6 model has been recognized. Will it come out faster?

According to latest news, Xiaomi MI6 will start to product in small batch this month, and then it will be released until February or March before Samsung Galaxy S8 released before April. So we can almost confirm Xiaomi will be the first smartphone to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor. And Qualcomm also claims Samsung 10nm architecture and Snapdragon 835 will not exist the yield production problem.


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