Xiaomi MI6 Will Come with Snapdragon 830 and RAM 8GB


Since Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S plus released, we may not be very happy with the metal design instead of glass design. So more and more users will wait for Xiaomi MI Note 2 smartphone, especially there is flexible screen on a new mi smartphone appearing. We are not sure about if Xiaomi MI Note 2 have the bendable version, of course, others also believe the next MI series, Xiaomi MI6 will use this kind of bending display next year in middle of 2017.


It’s known to all that Xiaomi Mi product line is always coming with the black technology and high-end specs, such as Xiaomi MI5s with ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass, 3D touch, and so on. So the upcoming Xiaomi mi6 will also come with these features but also some new unknown functions. According to latest news, it’s said Xiaomi MI6 will be powered by Snapdragon 830 processor, RAM 8GB ROM 256GB internal storage. It will support 5G network  and come with 5.5inch super AMOLED curved screen with 4K resolution. And its camera will have 21MP rear one.


When we heard this kind of specs of MI6, we totally can image that, and it is said Xiaomi MI6 is under test and the final version will come out next summer. Although this is just rumor, the reliability is quite big in terms of the tendency for Chinese smartphones next year. After all, RAM 8GB smartphone will be coming soon, since we got rumors from Letv next smartphones about it.


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