Xiaomi MIUI officially Released the New Negative One Screen


Xiaomi’s official news, the new version of Negative One Screen was officially released, using synesthetic visual design, card-like layout, Gaussian blur, rounded corners, blanking, and other design languages. The official said the user experience is more concise, more efficient.

The official said that in terms of screen usage time, the new version of the negative one screen creatively added the mountain design language, each mountain represents an application category, more intuitive management of mobile phone usage time. Through in-depth access to the Xiaomi weather warning, the negative one screen realizes accurate weather warning reminders on the top. The new version of the Negative One Screen also uses intelligent algorithms to speculate on your usage scenarios and cheer you up when appropriate.

In the new version of the negative screen, swipe right to enter the negative screen, the one-week course is at a glance, and the roommates will be blacked together when there is no class; the screen management time will accurately count the phone use time, and get rid of “mobile phone dependence”; add the postgraduate entrance examination in the schedule management In the countdown days, it will always remind you of the time to sprint away from your dream.

Get up in the morning and run in the morning sun, the health management will record your exercise steps, the top copy will cheer you up when you are not finished, and praise you when you are finished; after the exercise, you will collapse on the sofa and watch a game on the negative screen. Hearty ball game; smart home set rice cooker and air conditioner in advance, comfortable temperature, and delicious meals arrive at the same time. At dinner time, “Today’s Headlines” will let you not miss the latest and hottest news.

Real-time updated stock quotations help you monitor your self-selected stocks at any time, so that you can support your family with peace of mind while moving forward steadily; the “chop hands” record is traceable, and the “express card” helps you quickly locate the baby’s logistics information; write down the “remembrance day” at hand, Add some sugar to the ordinary life.

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Xiaomi’s new negative screen can be upgraded through the app store. The bottom layer of the support system is Android 7.0 and above, and the system version is all models of MIUI10 and above.


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