Xiaomi POCO C40 Smartphone Leaked with New SoC


POCO is a mobile phone brand created by Xiaomi overseas. POCO F and X series are positioned as medium and high-end, while POCO M and C series are positioned as entry-level. Similar to Redmi, they are both featured with high cost performance.

Xiaomi’S POCO C40 has received FCC certification as a C3QP, which was initially thought to be a rebranding of the Redmi 10C due to its similarity to Redmi 10C.

However, developer Kacskrz discovered that xiaomi’s POCO C40 is powered by a different processor than Redmi 10C. The former uses a chip named JR510, which is neither Qualcomm nor Mediatek, but a hillhouse technology chip, while the latter is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip.

Notably, Xiaomi POCO C40 runs a new version of MIUI called MIUI Go, which is specifically designed for entry-level phones with less than 4GB of ram.

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According to XDA, Xiaomi POCO C40 will be available in Europe and other overseas markets.


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