Xiaomi Redmi 3S vs Meizu M3S Review


Xiaomi and Meizu are best rivals in smartphones line whether low-end, mid-range or high-end ones. They release the similar model name at the similar price. So today we will choose Xiaomi Redmi 3S  to compare with Meizu M3S to let you know which one should select first.



Xiaomi Redmi 3S adopts 2D glass, a plastic strap between screen and bezel to protect the screen from damaging.But Meizu 3S follow the tendency to use the sleek 2.5D curved glass, so the holding feeling of Meizu M3S is better than Xiaomi Redmi 3s.


Because this two smartphones become the mid-range smartphone at $100, they will not use too good panel. When clicking the screen, Xiaomi Redmi 3s has better brightness than Meizu M3S. So this time, Xiaomi wins.


Xiaomi and Meizu don’t conform to the standard of three visual buttons, Xiaomi MIUI uses three capacitive button to operate, bu Meizu Flyme by Home button, back button and fingerprint scanner are integrated to M-Touch button, although it is simpler in vision, the operation efficiency will not be very high, and we need time to adapt to it. So Redmi 3s wins.


Fingerprint scanner located on the back which has advantages and disadvantages.The advantage is that no need to adjust the holding pose, just put our fingerprint on the back to finish unlocking very fast and convenient. The disadvantage is that the front design is upper which can not unlock fast, therefore, they are even in fingerprint scanner.


As for the back craftsmanship, Redmi 3s metal back cover and plastic parts makes us not very acceptable, although T design is very easy to accumulate dirts, it will be better than Xiaomi Redmi 3s, so redmi 3s needs to improve its craftsmanship. Now they are even 3:3.


Both smartphone have 13MP rear camera and 5MP back camera, Meizu M3S is equipped with dual Tone LED flashlight, but Redmi 3s is single tone LED light. Redmi 3s has one more IR sensor and noise reduction receiver  on the top and 4100mAh battery which are better than Meizu M3S. Therefore, Redmi 3S wins. Now the total score is 4:3.


In CPU, Meizu M3S is powered by MT6750 processor, but Redmi 3s by Snapdragon 430 processor. They have same Octa core A53 architecture, the former big frequency is over 100MHz, the latter small frequency is over 100MHz. According to Antutu test, they have similar test score in CPU and GPU.

In conclusion, if we want to choose better hardware, we can choose Xiaomi Redmi 3S, you can enjoy coupon code: 2GBxiaomi  to catch Redmi 3s at $139.89, if we pay more attention to the appearance, Meizu M3S will be the good choice, you can use 4% off coupon code: 4AndroidPhones to catch Meizu M3S at 121.91USD for limited stock.


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