Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Smartphone Design Leaked


Today, Redmi unveiled Redmi Note 11 series look.

As you can see, Redmi Note 11 has a right-angled midframe design, similar to the iPhone 13’s midframe.

According to the official, the reason for Redmi Note 11’s big change is that today’s young people have edges and corners.

Redmi said that the vertical edge is more fashionable, and the details are exquisite and beautiful. Sides are more confident and give you the unique feeling you want.

In addition to a significant upgrade in industrial design, Redmi Note 11 series also has a significant improvement in fast charging.

According to the source, Redmi Note 11 will support 120W fast charge, which is in line with Mi MIX 4’s fast charge.

The official poster previously stated that Redmi Note 11 “recharges all the time,” suggesting that Redmi Note 11 series can be fully charged in just 15 minutes, making it very competitive in the same gear.

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In addition, Redmi Note 11 features a high-refresh perforated screen and is expected to feature a flagship processor with dual speakers.

The new product will be released on October 28.


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