Xiaomi Selfie Shaft 2 announce


Xiaomi has become the hot topic among the people for various product line such as smartphone, tablet pc, computer, RC, VR, wearables, action camera, etc. Right now someone shows the latest Xiaomi product, Xiaomi Selfie Shaft 2 which will be released in the near future.  Compared with the last generation, Xiaomi selfie shaft 2 increased independent tripod and separated remote controller. But it still connects by Bluetooth to make taking video by it be possible. The 2nd Xiaomi Selfie shaft is longer than the first one for better use.


As we know, Xiaomi bluetooth Shaft 1 can be applied to all phones. It bring the much convenient to take photos for many people in one picture. So how about Xiaomi Selfie Shaft 2?  I believe it can also use for all phones and take the pictures with many people. The tripod design makes it become a digital camera to take the photos we want. As for the price, we are not certain.


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