Xiaomi smart magnesium suitcase launched at 1999yuan


Xiaomi has released variety of product lines in the near future, but today we have got nice news that Xiaomi smart home has officially launched Xiaomi smart magnesium suitcase that is crowd-funding at 1999 yuan in Xiaomi smart home app. It has fully proved Xiaomi not only can make the smartphone but others to make your life smarter and more convenient.


The Xiaomi Smart Magnesium suitcase has 20inch, it is made of 100% aluminium magnesium alloy and 100% polyester fiber for the box to own more powerful anti-impact ability. It has 497x340x215mm dimension, 31L capacity, weighing 4.4kg. It is able to support Android4.0 OS  or IOS 7.0 or over through bluetooth 4.0.This luggage claims to have 100 accessories, assemble by 150 procedures, equipped with adjustable four lever, which of bluetooth module supports IP54 waterproof.


With the life more smarter, Xiaomi smart magnesium luggage will bring the better functions for our travel. Right now it’s crowd funding, any one will be interested in joining it?


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