Xiaomi TV ES 2022 announced at 4,000 yuan


Xiaomi TV has announced its upcoming launch event on June 28.

This press conference in addition to the release of MI TV 6 supreme version, will also launch Xiaomi TV ES 2022, the official said that Xiaomi TV ES 2022 to create a 4000 yuan file picture quality.

Xiaomi pointed out that it had researched the 4,000 yuan TV on the market from major brands and found that there were not many choices in picture quality for users. Mi TV ES 2022 model, multi-area picture light flagship, brings you different picture quality choice.

It is reported that there is a part of high-end TV using multi-partition backlight technology, more partition backlight can make the details of the dark part darker and deep, let the details of the bright part brighter and but exposure, and achieve smooth and no tail clear picture, so as to improve the overall display effect.

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As a new product of Xiaomi TV at 4000 yuan, Xiaomi TV ES 2022 model is known as “4000 yuan file picture quality responsibility”, which means that the new product will have surprises in terms of picture quality. We wait and see.


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