Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera II Review


Xiaomi has released its second generation sport camera, Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera,which has improved much than the previous version. So does the selling price. It’s rumored that it can compare with Gopro Hero 4 Black camera. So how is the action camera on earth. We will make the review about this Xiaomi Yi 4K Action camera.





According to design, Xiaomi YI 4K action camera sports 2.19inch Retina screen, weighing 93g, which shows its lightness. It’s rumored it can beat Gopro Hero 4 Black, but i think it’s not correct in operation.


Xiaomi yi 4k action camera  built in Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3″ Sensor powered by Ambarella A9SE DSP processor can record 4K @30fps, 1080p@120fps or 720@240fps video. It uses 1400mAh battery that is able to record 2-hour 4K video and film 12MP video. The hardware is similar to GoPro Hero 4 Black.


LCD Lens Distortion Correction

When we got this Xiaomi yi action camera II, we have to mention its LCD lens that can reach to 160 degrees about camera angle. It has joined LCD Lens distoration correction tech to correct automatically curved building video in the problem of ultra viewing angle distortion.


As a sport camera, it should face the problem of vibration problem. So Xiaomi yi action camera II will join in 6 axis electronic shock technology. As for the actual effect, we have not tested it. In addition, it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi network to connect smartphone or tablet pc for transferring data or keeping video fluently.


Use for RC Drone

This time, Xiaomi has made innovation about the Xiaomi yi 4k sports camera can be used for RC quadcopter. As for this function, we will test it later. But according to the official, it can install in 3D Robotics Solo RC quadcopter to take videos. On the other hand, Xiaomi is ready to release is own RC drone by the end of May. We really expect it can be used with Xiaomi yi action camera.




Xiaomi Yi action camera 4k  this time is three times more than the last generation in its price. But its function can compare with GoPro Hero 4 Black which makes us worthwhile to have a experience. It can resist up to 40 meters for waterproofing. Meanwhile, it can support up to 64GB maximum TF card to expand the storage.Therefore, have you attracted by this trendy Xiaomi yi 4k action camera that can take multiple photo shooting modes.


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