Xiaomi Youpin Window Cleaner is on Crowdfunding: One Hand Control


Recently, Xiaomi Youpin raised a window cleaning robot. The original price was 1999 yuan, and the crowdfunding price was only 1299 yuan.

This window-cleaning robot is called “Hurt Intelligent Frequency Conversion Window-cleaning Robot”, with a side length of only 23.1cm and a thickness of 7.6cm. Able to recognize the glass and suck it as soon as it is released, 2600PA large suction power. Equipped with HUTTHINK intelligent frequency conversion suction algorithm, adjust suction according to the degree of dirt. By the way, you can check Cleaning Tips here.

A large amount of fine hard particles are attached to the dirty glass surface. Excessive suction will cause scratches on the glass. The frequency conversion algorithm automatically recognizes the dirt on the surface and gently wipes the protective glass. The cleaner glass increases the pressure and wipes cleaner.

It comes with a 150m constant-voltage controlled water tank, which can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass after the tank is filled, and the family wipes 5 times at a time. Micro-control water spray, spray water every 10 seconds, evenly covered. It can be filled with clean water and glass water and other non-corrosive cleaning products. Intelligent reminder when there is no water in the water tank and the dry water tank can also be wiped normally.

It also supports intelligent planning, first thinking, and then moving, one-button automatic wiping is completed, high-efficiency coverage without leakage. After wiping, it will automatically return to the place of origin, which is convenient for taking the high-level glass.

Hutt W66 window cleaning robot uses a laser module edge detection sensor, which can judge various glass glue materials, common window edge materials, accurately determine the position of the border, cover more completely, and wipe without border glass more sensitively and safely.

It is worth mentioning that the window cleaning robot supports UPS to prevent power outages. It can also absorb 20-30 minutes and continue to alarm when an accidental power outage in the home. At the same time, it is equipped with a mountain-level safety rope lock to protect the high-level window cleaning.


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