You might not be able to buy the Xiaomi notebook…at least this year!


Rumors appeared on the internet that Xiaomi will manage to ship only 300,000 notebooks this year. This is much lower than the market estimates, which was roughly around 1 million units, according to the Chinese company’s supply chain sources.

01This lower estimation for this year comes because of the Chinese company delaying the launch date of its laptops by several quarters. Inventec Corp, Xiaomi’s long-term assembly partner, had announced already from September last year, that would help the company make its first-ever notebook product, already from the first quarter of this year.

Xiaomi later chose an other company, Wistron Corp over Compal Electronics Co, to be the second assembler for its notebooks. Both companies are expected to start shipping Xiaomi notebooks from this quarter — 150,000 units of the 12-inch notebooks from Inventec and 150,000 units of the 13-inch model from Wistron. Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co have said that the total shipments would reach around 300,000 units, due to time constraint for its suppliers.

Xiaomi from what we know, is gonna announce the notebook on the 27th of the month, as we have said before, with the Redmi Pro.

So you think, are you gonna be lucky and buy one!?


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