Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar Released: 6D Double Spray


Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar was released, and crowdfunding was launched on Xiaomi Youpin. The crowdfunding price is 999 yuan free of the installation fee.

It has a built-in water tank, which can be connected to a water pipe or pour water manually. Dual modes are optional. It can be flexibly adapted to a variety of scenarios, without the need to modify waterways and cabinets, to meet the needs of a three-person family of renters, and it is convenient to move and install.

The upper and lower double-layer spray arms, 16 rinse ports, and spray alternately rotate in six directions up and down, front and back, left and right without dead ends, and with 11000Pa water pressure for strong cleaning, the tableware is cleaned more thoroughly.

Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar measures 443x467x441mm with a large-capacity design, which can accommodate 4 sets of standard and 6 sets of daily tableware at a time, effectively using the internal space. 75C high-temperature washing can achieve 99.99% sterilization rate, UV long-lasting antibacterial.

It also supports PTC3.0 hot air drying, alternating hot and cold air blowing out, speeding up drying, drying at residual temperature, keeping dry after washing, and reducing bacterial growth. Built-in fan, after washing the dishes, regular fresh air circulation to keep the dishes in the cavity dry.

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Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar can also be bound to the Mijia APP, intelligently make appointments anytime, anywhere, check the running status of the dishwashing, and buy consumables online.


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