Lenovo Announced Lenovo Moto Z Price at $461 and Moto Z Force at $815


Lenovo has announced Lenovo Moto Z and Lenovo Moto Z Force smartphone in tech world, 2016 which has defined the smartphone with new concept. The most feature of these smartphones can support multi-function module expansion. Before Lenovo announced its new smartphones, Lenovo has adjusted its product lines, Moto for high-end market, ZUK and Lemo for Mid or low range, and they consider not earning profits in two years.  They want to be back to top rank in smartphones compared with other brands like ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.


According to the Lenovo Representative, he claims Lenovo Moto Z will sell in September, and its price will not be lower than 3000 yuan, $500. But recently, a netizen exposed Moto Z Chinese version will sell at $461, 2998 yuan, but Moto Z Force at $815, 5299 yuan. They will also send the extra 2200mAh Power Pack Module.


Moto Z and Moto Z Force has the similar design,  but Moto Z has 5.2mm thickness, Moto Z Force with 7mm thickness. They both cancel the 3.5mm earphone jack, providing 16 metal touch points on the back to support smart module changing, such as JBL SoundBoost music module, Insta-Share Project module, Power Pack electricity module and more style shells. So as for this kind of price, how Huawei think? Will they also release this kind of phone soon?


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