Vivo’s New Phone has Passed 3C Certification


Since September, major manufacturers have launched a series of new phones, and October seems to have continued this trend, as major manufacturers appear to be gearing up to launch new products in time for Singles’ Day.

The period between December and early next year is also not expected to be quiet, given qualcomm’s previous tendency to launch a new generation of mobile flagship platforms at the end of the year.

Vivo recently has a number of models through the national 3C quality certification, including this model for V2102A model support up to 44W fast charge, and V2045A seems to be low-end new products, and V2115A also support 44W fast charge, the V2154A and V2156A support a maximum of 66W fast charge.

The V2102A is rumored to be Vivo’s first new Snapdragon 898, the same one that was leaked on Geekbench, and will bring something special, possibly a foldable version of the NEX series, that doesn’t seem cheap.

The snapdragon 898 (SM8450) demonstrator has 8GB of RAM and runs Android 12, but doesn’t score very well because it’s an engineering device.

The snapdragon 898 chip will be manufactured using Samsung’s 4nm process, with a new dual-part 3400 architecture and Adreno 730 GPU. A TSMC version (possibly 898 Plus) is expected in the middle of next year.

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In addition, the snapdragon 898 chip has eight cores and a listed base band of 1.78ghz. According to @digitchat, mass production will definitely boost the frequency, but it will also consume a lot of power while improving performance.


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