VR PARK 5.0 Virtual Reality Headset For Just $10


Hey guys as you know we have pledged you to bring to you the latest and most affordable VR Headset from around the market right to your news feed. Today we have VR PARK 5.0  VR Headset which is ultra affordable and comes with decent adjustable headstraps.


The design of the VR is very discreet and follows a curve in the front, although little does it do any good, but looks wise its a new way of designing a VR Headset and looks kind horse shoe magnet. The VR headset comes in white and black colours contrasting each other and enhancing the over all appeal of the Headset. Further the VR is made up of high grade plastic ABS material which makes it withhold falls and easy on skin. It also has comforting cushions around.

The VR headset has following features :

FOV90 : Our custom-made VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling with a 90 Degrees Field Of View.

IPD Adjustable : IPD i.e interpupilary distance can be adjusted to adapt to your eyes. IPD adjustment function enables the distance between the lenses to correctly match every user’s distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes, to have extended range. Supports 63 – 77mm IPD adjustment and 45 – 70mm object distance adjustment. Also supports myopia upto 400 degrees.

Compatible with 4 – 6 inch smartphones : The headset is customized to work with the majority of smartphones sized between 4 – 6 inch from any brand, relieving any stress one may have about compatibility with their current and future phone model


The most interesting part of this VR PARK 5.0 VR Headset is it will just cost you a mere $10, which is way more less than any decent VR Headset out there and if you are purchasing your first VR I highly suggest you to go with this one as it will give you the features of a high end VR at a fractional cost only.


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