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The Wanbu T2R Max Projector lets you do everything you’d expect from a smart TV. With Google Play preloaded, you’ll have access to over 500,000 TV shows and movies. Easily customize your home screen, upload photos, videos and music from your smartphone. Use your voice to get answers to questions or get recommendations about what you need from the Google Assistant.

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The Wanbu T2R Max projector from Xiaomi has a body made of high-quality plastic with high resistance, which is presented to the market with a classic design in compact dimensions. This product is suitable for placing on flat surfaces, tables, fixing on the camera base, etc. and can display images with a ratio of 16:9 in the size of 40 to 120 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. On the back of the device, there are also the connections of the device and the air conditioning valve. In order to increase the resistance and durability of the device, the lens of this device is made in several layers for resistancelensIncrease against slight shocks, shocks caused by movement, heat and dust. In order to move the device easily, it has relatively small dimensions and its size is only 220 x 185 x 80 mm. Although it is equipped with an internal adapter, its weight is equal to 1236 grams.


Wanbo T2R Max video projector can display images with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and Full HD quality. The powerful processor of this device can support HDR and MEMC technology. In addition, this device can correct the keystone of the image up to ± 45 degrees. This technology helps the T2R Max mini projector to display images with high quality and resolution even when it is not completely in front of the screen. In this way, you can adjust the angle of the image on the screen so that the image is exactly where you want it to be.

HDR10 and HLG

New generation dynamic lighting processing system, which adjusts brightness for different bright and dark scenes. Enjoy the best image quality by optimizing your video content in real time. HDR 10+ technology optimizes your favorite content frame by frame, enhancing color saturation and detail for brilliant blacks and creating a great experience. Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) enables the display of high-quality images and a wide color spectrum with high dynamic range for viewing, so that the details are well defined.

MEMC Technology

Wanbo T2R Max video projector is equipped with MEMC technology that makes the moving image smoother. HDR10+ technology optimizes your favorite content frame by frame, enhancing color saturation and detail for brilliant blacks and creating a great visual experience.

Connectivity and other features

Wanbo T2R Max has a LED lamp with a maximum brightness of 250 nc lumens and HDMI, AV and USB communication ports to connect to compatible devices. It is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting headphones and hands-free, and it is possible to implement smart voice control. This product has 3-watt speakers on the sides of the body to deliver a clear sound to users while watching movies. It supports technologies such as HDR10 and MEMC in order to provide more vivid images and smooth performance in showing sports movies. Wanbo’s T2R Max’s operating system is currently Android TV 9.0, a rather recent version compared to other projectors in this price range. The ChromeCast streaming function is directly included in the device.


The Wanbo T2R Max video projector is equipped with two powerful 3-watt speakers and is able to play sounds clearly and comprehensively. The surround sound of these devices helps you to hear the dialogues of the movie completely and with high resolution from everywhere in the hall.


The Wanbo T2R Max that I introduced to you today is actually a very distinctive projector, which is super portable and lightweight, and has a retro look. Its built-in Android TV system is nice and is a big plus. It is a beautiful multimedia projector with full home functions. It is also a portable mini projector that is very easy to transport.

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Coupon Code: BGWBTR22

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