Wingsland S6 selfie drone might launch this August


You might have heard about the drones but I am sure you havent heard about selfie drones. Call them Quadcopter, call them Drones; these small flying devices are taking over the market. With new functionalties being added to the drones as a strategy for the selling their productors, manufacturers like Wingsland which hails from China is working on a selfie drone. Dubbed Wingsland S6, this drone sounds something innovative.


The S6 quite looks like the Zerotech Dobby drone because of its foldable design. It gives the S6 a much more compact feel. That being said, the S6 really looks futuristic . The sketches gives a raw idea about what can be expected in terms of looks and other basic features of the Wingsland S6.


The main feature on this drone is its Camera. Unlike the normal drones that use camera just for its sight, the S6’s camera’s function is to do what a real camera does. With an ability to record 4K videos, the S6 really stands out on the drone zone. The camera also features EIS(Electronic Image Stabilisation) and lets users record 4K 30 Fps videos. The leaked renders point out to features 360 degrees obstacle avoidance and that the S6 will have removable modules. The removable modules and the foldable arms makes the S6 fit and carry anywhere with ease. We can expect other technical details to be out soon. You can enjoy the teaser from Wingsland for the S6 down below.


With the unique selfie feature, this Wingsland S6 costs around 250$ in China. Sounds Costly, doesnt it? Its still uncertain when the S6 will launch in August, until then you can take a look at some cool quadcopters here -. Wingsland S6.



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