XGIMI H6 vs XGIMI H5: A Comprehensive Comparison


Following the XGIMI H5 last year, XGIMI will launch a new XGIMI H6 projector in 2023, also the first 4K product of the XGIMI H series. So how is this new product? Let’s look at the XGIMI H6 projector parameter configuration and compare the XGIMI H5 to analyze the difference and upgrade points.

XGIMI H6 projector parameter configuration list:

Audio and video effects

Regarding the picture, the XGIMI H6 projector adopts a full-color LED solution, supports HDR10/HLG decoding technology and MEMC algorithm, and is equipped with XGIMI image quality engine 2.0. It is worth mentioning that the product has a brightness of 1200 CCB lumens (about 2200 ANSI lumens). 4K projectors have high requirements for image quality, and the brightness usually needs to reach more than 2500 ANSI lumens. However, the brightness value of XGIMI H6 is low, and the picture quality will be affected and certainly affected. Regarding sound quality, the product is equipped with Harman Kardon speakers according to brand conventions and supports Dolby & DTS HD dual sound effects.

Smart function

The XGIMI H6 projector supports wall color self-adaptation and real-time anti-eye tracking. Unlike the previous generations of projectors, it is equipped with an optical zoom lens, combined with a 3D ToF+CMOS module, in intelligent obstacle avoidance, Screen alignment, and other functions can reduce the loss of image quality when zooming and cropping; at the same time, it can also intelligently sense changes in ambient light and adjust the brightness of the screen through optical zoom.


XGIMI H6 projector is equipped with an MT9669 chip and 4G+64G running storage space, and the product has passed the Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification. In game mode, the screen supports a refresh rate of up to 240Hz, the HDMI delay is as low as 12ms, and it can be connected to WiFi6. The disadvantage is that the fuselage lacks a network interface and only uses a wireless connection. To a certain extent, the stability and speed of network transmission will be damaged, which will quickly cause freezes.

Built-in system

XGIMI H6 projector is equipped with a GMUI5.0 system, built-in video resources of various platforms, and third-party application software that can be downloaded and installed through the Dangbei market. The product has added a dual Bluetooth headset connection function. Users can connect and pair two pairs of headsets at the same time, and they can use them together. In addition, it also supports wireless projection, 3D video decoding, etc. The disadvantage is that the system only supports near-field voice, and the projector cannot be controlled by voice in a distant place.

The brightness is different.

Both of them use CCB lumen unit, of which XGIMI H5 is 1400CCB lumens (about 3300 ANSI lumens), XGIMI H6 is 1200CCB lumens (about 2200 ANSI lumens), and the brightness of XGIMI H6 is significantly reduced compared with XGIMI H5, decreasing by about three One-third is 1100ANSI lumen brightness.

Different cooling systems

The XGIMI H5 is equipped with the Sand Lizard cooling system 2.0, which can control the temperature and heat dissipation in different regions, but the XGIMI H6 does not yet have it.

The zoom function is different.

XGIMI H5 does not support optical zoom, while XGIMI H6 is equipped with a visual zoom function combined with an intelligent adjustment function, which can guarantee a certain level of picture quality when the picture size changes.

The Bluetooth connection is different.

Both support Bluetooth 5.2; the difference is that XGIMI H5 only supports a single Bluetooth connection, XGIMI H6 can connect dual Bluetooth headsets, and the Bluetooth function is more powerful.

The interface is different.

XGIMI H5 is equipped with 1 HDMI2.1/2.0 and USB2.0 interface, respectively, and XGIMI H6 interface configuration has a higher number version, supporting 2 HDMI2.1 and USB2.0 interfaces, respectively. But it is worth noting that compared with XGIMI H5, XGIMI H6 saves the configuration of the Gigabit Ethernet port, and the network transmission speed will be affected to a certain extent.


Compared with XGIMI H6 and XGIMI H5, XGIMI H5 has new upgrades in resolution, screen zoom, Bluetooth connection, and interface. It mainly focuses on “4K lossless optical zoom”—1000 RMB. Generally speaking, the configuration upgrade is not significant, but the price has increased significantly, and the brightness of the screen cannot meet the needs of 4K resolution quality, and the viewing experience will be affected when using it.

Currently, 4K projectors in the market have many options. In addition to LED light source products, projectors using ALDP laser light sources have more display advantages because the laser light source can bring higher brightness, strong light resistance, and accurate and transparent colors. Taking Dangbei Laser Projector X3 Pro as an example, its intellect reaches 3200 ANSI lumens, and the picture is high-definition without speckles. Besides being equipped with high-quality images, it is also supported by the Dangbei OS system with rich content and functions. This series of products has long been ranked among the top.. The telephoto laser projector ranks first in sales and is also the choice of more users.

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