Xiaomi MIJIA Announces A Signature Pen


The sub brand of Xiaomi that is MIJIA is doing really well with its awesome line of daily usage products. The brand was intended to make life easier for the consumers by introducing smart useful high quality accessories and stationaries required in everyday life. Today we are looking at a device invented long ago which almost every person uses everyday a Pen. not just a Pen, but a Xiaomi MIJIA Pen.


You may ask what is so different in this pen and an ordinary regular pen well to start with it is made by Xiaomi so definitely it looks great and has classic design to standout between the ocean of pens. The pen is made up of high quality ABS material and features a silver handle that will rest outside your pocket if you decide it to hang it on your front shirt pocket. The Pen comes in two colour White and Black.


It has Switzerland imported refill offering smooth and smear-proof writing, It is also retractable and refillable. Further more is has ink imported specially from Japan which will give you smooth, rich black ink for an effortless strong impression. The Pen has a 0.5mm fine point which draws razor-sharp, consistent lines. The width of the Pen is around 9.5mm with contoured grip for superior comfort and control.


The Xiaomi MIJIA Pen has a Handy retractable and rotatable design, making it convenient to use. Further you get All-metal precision connection parts, which are 50,000 times rotation life tested. This Premium Signature Pen will cost you just $5 and is up for pre order here.



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