Xiaomi Redmi 12C Supports 512GB TF Card Expansion


Redmi K60 has kicked off the 512GB popularity storm by announcing that the 512GB version will be available for only 2,999 yuan at a price of 300 yuan.

Redmi, meanwhile, has a recently released model that also supports 512GB, but does it in a different way.

Today, Redmi mobile phone marketing manager Zhang Yu posted on Weibo, “Redmi 12C retains alien technology, uses a” three-in-one “card slot design, supports the coexistence of dual nano-SIM+TF memory cards, and supports the expansion of 512GB of super storage capacity, to make a contribution to the popularity of 512GB.”

It is understood that the mainstream design schemes of mobile phones in the industry are not equipped with TF card extension function. Even if some models support it, it can only be a dual SIM card and TF card.

The Redmi 12C supports up to 512GB of TF card expansion, which is cheaper than the large storage version you buy with your phone, further reducing your cost.

It is reported that in January this year, the Redmi 12C officially launched, in addition to the large storage expansion, the machine also has a 6.71-inch screen, 5000mAh large power, 36 months of smooth and free experience.

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Lu Weibing, general manager of Redmi brand, said that Redmi’s mission is to meet the needs of more people as far as possible. The 12C goal is to try its best to meet the core basic needs of low budget people for a mobile phone: high quality + large screen + long battery life + smooth system with no latency + extremely cost-effective.


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