Zeblaze Classic Smart Watch For Smart People


Lets get right into it, the new Zeblaze Classic Smartwatch is the latest addition to the smartwatch line up of Zeblaze. The new Zeblase Classic is a round dial smartwatch and is ready to take the competition head on. The Zeblaze Classic is a competitor to the NO.1 smartwatches and is surely capable of giving them a tough stand.


The Zeblaze Classic Smartwatch as mentioned above is round dial smartwatch. It has gorgeous 1.21 inch screen upfront, The  Zeblase Classic smartwatch is a mixture of the modern and the old, it has materials like  titanium, crocodile skin, rhodium plated satin embedded scale and stainless steel. Hence its an amalgamation of the classic and modern


The  Zeblase Classic smartwatch has a 1.21inch LCD IPS display and it is powered by a MediaTek MTK2502C processors. The device is targeted for sports athlete and has a hearth rate sensor that measures accurate heart rate with pulse rate settings. It also detects the UV level using the same sensor and warns you if the UV level too harmful to go out. The watch has 280mAh battery which is capable of giving you a day of charge with full use. The watch has a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to pair with your smartphone. It has a dedicated android app keeps track of your sleep and steps and calories burned etc.


The  Zeblase Classic Smartwatch is compatible with more than 99% of the smartphones, i.e it is compatible with both Android and iOS. The smartwatch also has sleep tracking, remote for camera and music control, besides all the notifications like calls, sms, etc. The smartwatch is indeed a blend of some finest grade of materials and comes relatively at a considerable price i.e only $36.99 and you can get your hands over it here 


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