OPPO Pad 2 Review: A Comprehensive Look at its Features and Performance


Since last year, the Android tablet market has gradually become lively, and many mobile phone brands have begun to step into the field of tablet computers. OPPO is one of them. It launched its first tablet computer in February last year – OPPO Pad. The high-performance release of the Dragon 870 mobile platform became one of the most powerful Android tablets at that time. One year later, OPPO Pad re-emerged and launched its second-generation tablet product, OPPO Pad 2. With the 4nm chip Dimensity 9000 and the highest memory and flash memory specification LPDDR5+UFS3.1 supported by the processor, it once again became One of the most powerful Android tablets ever.

1. Dimensity 9000 performance iron triangle

OPPO Pad 2 is the first to introduce TSMC’s 4nm Dimensity 9000 mobile platform into Android tablets, supplemented by LPDDR5+UFS3.1 memory and flash memory of the highest specification supported by the processor, ensuring users’ smooth experience in games, office, and entertainment. You can use it to play minecraft 1.20 download apk 2023.

Secondly, combined with the ColorOS supercomputing platform, especially during the game, it can accurately identify the heat source and adjust the hardware release in real-time, effectively reducing the heating phenomenon, and it will not be hot when used for a long time.

2. 11.61 inches 7:5 golden ratio

In the past, most tablet computers were presented with a ratio of 16:10, but OPPO Pad 2 is the most distinctive. It is the first tablet computer to create a golden ratio of 7:5. It is equipped with an 11.61-inch screen, and the display area has increased by nearly 10%. What comes is a display effect close to 12 inches that is close to the traditional proportion of the flat panel, such as comparing stock market quotes, comparing office documents, etc., which can bring a wider field of view. It will be one of best gaming phones that you can play the latest version, minecraft 1.20 download.

Moreover, this golden screen has an ultra-high resolution of 2.8K and an ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz, which is top-notch in display effect.

3. Battery charging is upgraded to 9510mAh+67W fast charging

The screen is more significant in exchange for a larger capacity battery and faster charging power. The 9510mAh battery has been improved by 13.8% compared with the previous generation’s 8360mAh, ensuring a longer battery life with a larger screen and a higher refresh rate. The fast charging power of 67W can also make this large-capacity battery quickly return to the blood.

Design and Screen

The front of OPPO Pad 2 adopts a large 11.61-inch LCD screen, which adopts the golden ratio of 7:5 for the first time, allowing the tablet to have a display effect close to that of a traditional 12-inch tablet.

With a resolution of 2.8K, 296PPI, and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, it can be considered a ceiling-level existence in the Android tablet industry. It takes into account the display effect and fluency of the screen and can be called a new benchmark for flagship screens.

The back of the tablet is made of one-piece metal, and a spiral texture supplements the surface. The upper center part is the camera and the flash, and the OPPO brand logo is printed in the middle. The camera is 13 Megapixels, which can meet most shooting scenes. Below is a single LED fill light. The top of the fuselage has volume adjustment buttons.

In the middle of the top is the magnetic strip of the stylus, which can be magnetically attracted to the OPPO Pencil when idle.

OPPO Pad 2 has two symmetrical speakers on both sides, forming a four-unit 8.04cc super-large sound cavity surround sound field, supporting Dolby Atmos, which is unparalleled in good quality. The three magnetic contacts at the bottom of the phone connect with the OPPO bright touch keyboard.

OPPO’s intelligent touch keyboard weighs only 360g and has a light texture. The most natural elevation angle of the human body is 120 degrees, which is more ergonomic and will not feel tired after long-term use. It also supports Bluetooth connection, plugs, and plays.

The keyboard integrates a large-area touchpad of 81.30×43.00mm, which can realize the global touch of the tablet, as well as the operation gestures similar to the notebook touch panel, and integrates the characteristic gestures of ColorOS; almost any operation can be done with the help of the keyboard Done.

OPPO Pencil supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitive touch, 240Hz touch sampling rate, can achieve low delay handwriting as low as 2ms, and can write sideways within 0-60 degrees, easy to write calligraphy. When the OPPO Pencil is not in use, it can be magnetically attached to the top of the tablet. The package of OPPO Pad 2 comes with a 67W fast charging kit.

Hardware & Performance

Regarding performance, OPPO Pad2 is equipped with last year’s MediaTek 4nm top flagship chip, Dimensity 9000 mobile platform, the first Android tablet product equipped with this chip. How about testing minecraft game, minecraft 1.20 download apk here.

Next, we conduct a set of theoretical performance tests.

1. AnTuTu

In the AnTuTu comprehensive performance test, OPPO Pad 2 scored 1,016,744 points, the highest score in the tablet industry. The CPU score reached 256,000+, an increase of 35.4% compared with the first-generation Snapdragon 870, and the GPU score was 38.3. million+, a rise of 61.6%.

2. GeekBench

The GeekBench5 single-core score is 1300 points, and the multi-core score is 4255 points, a year-on-year increase of 29% and 73.6%, respectively. Since it uses latest CPU, it will be best choice to play minecraft 1.20 apk faster.

We also tested the latest GeekBench6, with a single-core score of 1742 and a multi-core score of 4553.

3. GFXBench

In terms of GPU, thanks to the excellent heat dissipation conditions of the large tablet, the test score of OPPO Pad 2 is higher than that of Dimensity 9000 mobile phones.

4. Androbench

Flash memory test, sequential read 1.76GB/s, sequential write 1.61GB/s, in line with UFS3.1 storage standard.

Gaming Test

We also did a detailed test on the game performance of OPPO Pad 2.

In an office environment with an indoor temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, use the two games of Peace Elite and Yuanshin, select the highest quality + highest frame rate for testing, and record the frame rate performance, temperature, and power consumption in the game.

1. Peace Elite

The first is the Peace Elite mobile game. After nearly 15 minutes of testing with HDR HD + extreme frame rate turned on, the average frame rate is stable at 59.5FPS. The game has no huge fluctuations; the average change is only 0.7FPS.

In terms of power consumption, the overall average power consumption is 4.77W, and the frame energy consumption is 80.4mW. Since the screen is large enough, the power consumption is higher than that of mobile phones.

In terms of temperature, the front of the fuselage is only 37.3 degrees Celsius, and the back of the fuselage is 36.1 degrees Celsius.

2. Original God

The Yuanshen mobile game was tested for nearly 15 minutes with the highest image quality, +60FPS, and the average frame rate came to 58.4FPS, and the average fluctuation was only 2.2. Therefore, having such a frame rate is already the most stable of all Android tablets. The Dimensity 9000 can release higher performance in large-screen devices, and the power consumption once soared to the highest value, reaching 8.44W, and the frame power consumption was 144.4mW.

Regarding temperature, the front of the fuselage reaches a maximum of 45.3 degrees Celsius, and the back reaches 43.2 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature is relatively high, the high-heat area is only on the top of the fuselage, and holding the tablet with both hands will not touch the high-heat area.

Ecological interaction

If today’s tablet computer does not have a magnetic keyboard and a stylus, it is impossible to take it out. Therefore, OPPO Pad2 with OPPO Pencil and smart magnetic keyboard can maximize your tablet productivity.

When the screen is off, double-click the screen with OPPO Pencil to call the notepad quickly. This can improve efficiency when taking meeting minutes and class notes, and recording content are always one step faster.

OPPO Pencil supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, with 240Hz pen tip touch and ultra-low delay; it is convenient when writing content, just like writing on paper.

And the pen tip supports 0-60 degree side edge writing; that is to say, when we use OPPO Pencil to write, we can adjust the line effect by tilting the pen peak and quickly drawing shadows. We can take advantage of this advantage when drawing and writing. Make the lines more flexible and the layout tidier.

Secondly, double-clicking the pen holder can switch between the pencil case and the eraser in the system’s built-in sticky notes and various third-party apps. When we write something wrong, we can change the eraser with one click, and the erasing efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, we can also customize the switching tool in the settings.

Next, let’s talk about the intelligent magnetic keyboard of OPPO Pad 2.

The sizeable essential travel takes into account the feel of the keyboard, similar to the layout of the chocolate keyboard, and the hands will not be exceptionally crowded when typing between the keyboards. The magnetic keyboard also has a large touchpad of 81.30*43.00mm, which can realize global touch control. When you are familiar with these touch logics, your work efficiency can be more than doubled!

This magnetic keyboard also has a control logic similar to a notebook keyboard, and you can scroll the page by sliding up and down with two fingers. Swipe up with three fingers to quickly return to the desktop.

Swipe up and stay with three fingers to enter the multitasking interface, and swipe left and right to view all applications in the background. Even we can quickly switch back and forth between background applications by swiping left and right with three fingers. In OPPO Pad2, it also has the advantage that notebooks do not have, the floating window function.

We only need to make a four-finger pinch gesture on the touchpad in any application to switch the application to the floating window mode quickly. You can even do the same action on the application directly on the screen, which can also be realized Corresponding to the rapid conversion of the suspended form.

It can be said that with so many notebook-like control logics and unique gesture touches, after you have mastered these functions, you can use the intelligent magnetic keyboard to operate the OPPO Pad 2, which can get twice the result with half the effort.


OPPO Pad 2 has a built-in 9510mAh large-capacity battery that supports 67W wired fast charging. We also tested its charging and battery life.

Charging test

When the power is 1%, we connect the power adapter and test it under the dark screen. It takes 10 minutes to charge to 22%, half an hour to 52%, 1 hour to 87%, and 78 minutes to charge fully.

Endurance test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology. In terms of test items, we chose the extreme power battery life test and checked all the test items, including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing to simulate user usage scenarios and restore the whole load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the actual power consumption.

After our test, the refresh rate of OPPO Pad 2 was adjusted to 144Hz, the brightness was adjusted to 50%, and the automatic brightness was turned off. Under the battery dog ​​test consumed the power from 100% to 2%, taking 9 hours and 56 minutes. The battery life is close to 10 hours. In the face of this 11.61-inch large screen with 2.8K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, it can be said that both the display effect and the long battery life are considered. It is not enough to use for office and daily drawing. Question.


As the second tablet computer under OPPO, OPPO Pad 2 focuses on performance, screen, and battery life based on the previous generation and combines novel appearance design and desirable accessories—a computer unique understanding.

1. One of the most potent Android tablets so far

Last year, the Dimensity 9000 chip became a good partner for high-end mobile phones. This year, OPPO will distribute it to high-end tablets, supplemented by the highest specification memory and flash memory supported by the processor, and become one of the most powerful Android tablets.

With such a strong performance, we can cope with various complex usage scenarios. When working in an office, we often must stay in many backgrounds. OPPO Pad 2 is enough to ensure the smooth switching of multiple applications.

In our test, the highest picture quality of Moyuanshin can be stabilized at 58.4FPS, which is quite suitable for a sizeable 11.61-inch screen.

After a severe test by the “hardware killer” Yuanshen, it also proves that the performance of OPPO Pad 2 is sufficient for all daily usage scenarios.

2. The first golden screen ratio can be used in a broader range of scenarios

OPPO Pad 2 has created a golden ratio of 7:5 in the tablet. This golden ratio can present a wider field of vision when reading novels, painting creation, and document editing, which is unmatched by other tablets with standard screen ratios. Of.

Whether browsing files and forms during office work or opening web pages and games during entertainment, you can see complete content and broaden your horizons in any scene.

3. The exclusive ecological layout doubles the productivity

OPPO Pad 2 combines its ecological layout, OPPO Pencil, and the productivity brought by the intelligent touch keyboard, making the tablet as convenient as a notebook. With the multi-functional keyboard and original operating gestures no longer need to raise your hand to touch the screen, and with the 2nm low-latency supported by this stylus makes the drawing really smooth and highly smooth. Double-click to quickly call the notepad, which has high practicability in the office or between classes. Went.

Overall, OPPO Pad 2 can be regarded as an Android tablet that combines productivity, appearance, and performance. Compared with last year’s OPPO Pad generation, it has a larger battery, more substantial rendering power, and a high-quality screen more suitable for office and study. The strong performance brought by Dimensity 9000 makes it easy to use it to play games. It will also become a standout among tablet computers in 2023.

Finally, the OPPO Pad 2 8GB+256GB version is priced at 2999 yuan, the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 3399 yuan, and the 12GB+512GB version is priced at 3999 yuan. It was launched on March 24th in OPPO official mall, JD.com, Tmall, and other major online e-commerce platforms and offline stores. You can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan if you buy it during the scheduled period and on the sale date, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a limited number of free OPPO Pad 2 original protective cases, installment interest-free, old-for-new and other preferential activities.

For accessories, the OPPO Pad 2 smart touch keyboard is priced at 599 yuan, and the OPPO Pencil is priced at 499 yuan. OPPO also launched a two-color protective case made of selected leather materials with fine dark lines and non-slip. During the first sale period of the above accessories, you can enjoy a 50 yuan discount when purchasing with OPPO Pad 2.

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