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ARWIBON Q06 Pro Electric Scooter

ARWIBON Q06 Pro Electric Scooter

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Powerful and Fast

The Arwibon Q06 Pro electric scooter features dual 60V2800W*2 motors, with a total power of 5600W. It provides high power and reaches a maximum speed of 55-75KM per hour, delivering a surprising and thrilling riding experience.

Enhanced Visibility

The scooter is equipped with front U7 lights and a tail light with running lights, brake lights, and integrated turn signals. This improves visibility during night rides and enhances safety. The body also features running lights for a cool effect at night.

Strong Braking Performance

The scooter is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes, offering stronger braking power and shorter braking distances, ensuring safer driving.

Compact Dimensions

The scooter has a length of 1.3m, a net weight of 44kg, a pedal length of 0.57m, and a width of 0.25m. It offers a range of 50-70km, providing a balance between portability and range.

Off-road Tires

With 11-inch off-road vacuum tires, the scooter provides a smoother and less slippery driving experience, making it suitable for various terrains.

Dual Charging Head Function

The Q06 Pro features dual charging heads, enabling faster charging times and serving as a backup charging port.


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