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Rogbid R2 Ceramic Smart Ring

Rogbid R2 Ceramic Smart Ring

Brand: VIVO
Category: Accessories

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Brand Rogbid
Model R2
Main Controller NORDIC NRF52832-CIAA
Charging chip Siyuan SY8602
Acceleration sensor QMA6100P
Battery 23mAh, 3.7/4.2V lithium battery
Optoelectronic PPG analog front end (PPG AFE) Tianyi Hexin HX3605
Exercise measurements Calories, steps, mileage
Sleep monitoring 20
Multi-sport modes Running, cycling, skipping, fitness, mountain climbing, yoga, golf, dance
Heart rate measurement Support
Blood pressure measurement Supports photoelectricity
Heart rate alarm Not supported
Blood oxygen measurement Supports accurate
Blood glucose measurement Not supported (electrochemical measurement)
Body temperature alarm Not supported
Automatic health monitoring Supported
Activity information data storage Supported
Historical data storage period 7 days rolling storage
Low battery shutdown Supported
OTA upgrade Supported
Automatic recovery function Supported
Self-test function Support
Fast and slow broadcast switching function Supported
Zero-crossing point clearing related data Supported
Step counting accuracy ≥95%
Sleep detection error ≤1 hour
Resting heart rate accuracy ±5bpm
Dynamic heart rate accuracy ±20bpm
Blood pressure accuracy ±10mmHg (mean difference)
Blood oxygen accuracy ±3%
ECG signal Adapted to dry skin, waveform quality without obvious noise
Working life 7 days
Standby battery life 60 days
Power off battery life 180 days
Power consumption requirements Shutdown power consumption: ≤10uA

Standby power consumption: ≤50uA

Battery display error ≤3%
Charging time (hours) 1 ± 0.5
bluetooth emission strength 0dB
bluetooth center frequency deviation ±24KHz
bluetooth receiving signal strength ≥-50dB
bluetooth wireless sensitivity ≥-90dB
Button life ≥100000 times
Average no-reset time ≥200 hours
Mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥1 year
Speaker output effect No noise, no broken sound
Working temperature 0 ~ 45℃
Storage temperature -10 ~ 55℃
Working humidity 5%~95% (no condensation)
Static electricity protection Static electricity standard contact
Surge protection 12V
Drop requirements Refer to GB/T 2423.8 standard
Vibration requirements Refer to GB/T2423.10 standard
Charging temperature protection 45℃
APP system requirements Android: 6.0 and above / iOS: 11.0 and above
bluetooth version 5.2
Charging voltage 4.6 ~ 5.2V


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