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Creality Falcon2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Creality Falcon2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: 3D Printer


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Real 22W Laser
Based on the latest FAC spot compression technology, four powerful 6W laser diodes are compressed to increase the laser power to 22W. It can cut 15mm wood with one pass, cut 10mm black acrylic with one pass, and cut 0.05mm stainless steel sheet with one pass.

25000mm/min Engraving Speed
Configured with 25000mm/min engraving speed, Creality Falcon 2 allows you to spend less time creating more.

Integrated Air Assist
Manually adjust the air assist through the knob, or it can automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn, to remove smoke and protect the laser lens, bringing a cleaner result.

Triple Monitoring Systems
Airflow monitoring indicates the current airflow volume. It enables you to adjust the airflow based on your engraving needs.
The built-in lens monitoring system will trigger an alarm when the lens is dirty enough, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement.
When a flame is detected, the indicator will flash red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.

Extensive Compatibility 
Compatible with a variety of systems, including Windows and macOS systems, and software such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Offline Creating & Offline Dynamic Preview
It supports offline creation with just a TF card, and you can feel free to create anytime, anywhere. Also, it can position and adjust precisely without connecting to a computer.

Add Some Colors to Your Works
When the stainless steel is heated by a super powerful laser beam, the metal surface will physically react and produce hundreds of colors, bringing your works to life.


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