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Hiseeu Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

Hiseeu Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera

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  • Banggood Hiseeu Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera $104.99
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  • Features: – 4G Camera & No Wifi: Designed for places without WiFi and electrical power, suitable for house or outside without power and wifi source, such as backyard, garden, camping, trailer, construction site, workplace, warehouse, farm and ranch, etc. – Solar Powered & IP66 Waterproof: 4G LTE solar camera preinstalled 6Pcs capacitance rechargeable batteries. Even in winter or in a heavily rain, such energy storage equipment can maintain camera recording. Pan 355°and tilt 90° increases the flexibility of the LTE solar camera, provide you a much broader and flexible view of cameras for home security,even can nearly provide complete coverage without blind spots. – PIR Motion Detection &Two-Way Audio: Wireless solar security camera is equipped with smart PIR motion detection system, detects mammals or anything that temperature above 86°F (30°C). Don’t worry about receiving false positives caused by flying insects, branches, etc. You can communicate with people on the other side, always provide two-way high-fidelity calls. – SIM Card & SD Storage: Phone APP UBox supports remotely view, access your camera anytime and anywhere to check what’s going on. All motion detection video can record in a micro SD card (up to 128GB,not included), or backup to the Cloud 30 days free trial.
    Why to Choose 4G Solar Security Camera: 1. No WiFi Needed: One of greatest things about the 4G solar security camera is that it is independent from WiFi network, and still, it transmits videos wirelessly with no cable at all. 2.No wiring and money saving: 4G solar safety camera can complete the work without connecting cables to remote areas, saving you a lot of money and trouble. 3.Sensitive to Motion: Adopted advanced technology and a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor to double control and reduce false alarms.Once this outside camera detect motion, it will send alerts to your phone. 4.Local video saving: Hiseeu 4G solar camera will record video on SD card instead of NVR/DVR. Therefore, you do not need to connect the line back to NVR/DVR, thus solving the huge challenge of remote sites. 5.Remote real-time viewing: 4G solar safety camera allows you to control in real time This is a great advantage. Therefore, you can check the progress of the work or the current situation without going there in person.

    Package Included:

    1 x 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera(included SIM Card)

    1 x Solar Powered Panel

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Screw Kit


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