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HOCO Y16 Smart Watch

HOCO Y16 Smart Watch

Brand: Oukitel
Category: RC Drone


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Brand: HOCO
Model: Y16
Main Screen: 1.39-inch HD Display
Resolution: 360 x 360
Waterproof Rating: IP68
CPU: Realtek 8762DT
Memory: 192KB ROM + 128MB RAM
bluetooth: bluetooth 5.1 with Call Support
Battery Capacity: 260mAh
Battery Life: Dual bluetooth Mode: 3-5 days, Single bluetooth Mode: 5-7 days
Supported Functions: Multiple Sport Modes, Sleep Monitoring, Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring, Music Playback
Language Support: 22 languages including Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Danish, Thai, Polish, Persian, Spanish, Malay, Greek, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Latin, Romanian, Hebrew, Burmese, Ukrainian


1. High-Definition Display: The 1.39-inch HD screen provides vibrant and clear visuals, ensuring a great viewing experience for various activities and functions.
2. Powerful CPU and Memory: Equipped with the Realtek 8762DT CPU and 128MB RAM, this smartwatch delivers smooth performance and efficient multitasking.
3. bluetooth Call Support: Enjoy the convenience of making and receiving calls directly from your smartwatch with bluetooth 5.1 support.
4. Long Battery Life: With a 260mAh battery, this smartwatch offers impressive battery life. In dual bluetooth mode, it can last 3-5 days, and in single bluetooth mode, it can extend to 5-7 days between charges.
5. Comprehensive Health and Fitness Functions: The watch supports multiple sport modes, sleep monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, and SpO2 monitoring, providing valuable insights into your health and fitness.

Package Include:

1x Y16 Smart Watch

1x Charging Cable

1x User Manual


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