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Xiaomi Gamepad

Xiaomi Gamepad

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Gaming


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 Brand: XIAOMI

Model: XMG20SYM
Input: 5V=1A
Port: Type-C
Working Temperature: 0~45C deg
Battery specification: 830mAh lithium-ion battery
Connection method: Wireless receiver/Bluetooth/Wired


  1. The handle can be connected to the device wirelessly through a wireless receiver and Bluetooth, or a wired connection with a data cable. The signal is stable and low-latency. With the mapping function of the Xiaomi Gaming Center, you can also play non-handle-operated devices.

2.The handle can be adapted to smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. with Windows computers and Android systems. It is widely applicable to games that support handle operation on multiple mainstream game platforms.

  1. The large-sized directional joystick has flexible and precise movement, and the Hall linear trigger keys have a smooth feel. The key stroke is judged through electromagnetic changes, sensitively capturing subtle operations, and realistically simulating the game control effects of accelerator, brake, and shooting.
  2. The built-in 6-axis gyroscope can control the change of angle and acceleration through the handle, and after calculation, it can realize the somatosensory operation feedback in three-dimensional space, and experience more creative and wonderful game time.
  3. There are two asymmetrical polarization motors built into both sides of the handle. The vibration effect is rich and three-dimensional, very dynamic, and the feedback is strong.
  4. Ergonomic shape design, sampling a large amount of hand data, reasonable button layout, more comfortable to hold; lightweight body design, long-term operation to reduce wrist pressure, surface skin-friendly texture treatment, more delicate feel.
  5. Over 1000000press tests:Using industry-leading process standards, the A/B/X/Y keys can withstand at least 1,000,000 presses.

Package Included:

Gamepad * 1 Wireless receiver * 1 Instructions * 1


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