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Xiaomi Smart Home Door and Window Sensor 2

Xiaomi Smart Home Door and Window Sensor 2

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Accessories


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Brand: Xiaomi
Product Name: Door and Window Sensor 2
Product Model: MCCGQ02HL
Product Size: 34.0 × 32.7 × 14.5mm
Wireless Connection: bluetooth 5.1 BLE
Battery Model: CR2032 (installed)
Working Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Working Humidity: 0% – 95% RH (non-condensing)
CMIIT ID: 2020DP6823
Executive Standards: GB 4943.1-2011, GB/T 9254-2008, GB/T 17618-2015


Multi-Function Sensor: The Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 combines door/window status sensing with a light sensor, offering enhanced functionality. It can detect door/window opening and closing, monitor ambient light levels, and trigger various automation scenarios.

Voice Broadcast: When integrated with Xiaomi AI speaker (sold separately), the sensor can provide voice broadcasts for door/window events. This feature allows you to receive real-time notifications about the status of your doors and windows, enhancing security and awareness.

Light Sensor Linkage: The built-in light sensor can trigger actions based on changes in ambient light. For example, it can automatically turn on smart lights when a door is opened at night, providing convenience and energy savings.

Smart Home Integration: The sensor seamlessly integrates with the Mi Home app, enabling you to create automation rules and link it with other smart devices. For instance, you can set it up to trigger your smart camera to record video when a pet fence is opened.

Compact and Versatile: With its small and adhesive design, the Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor 2 can be easily attached to any door, window, or other opening/closing equipment in your home. It transforms traditional devices into smart components of your home automation system.

Package Include:

1x Xiaomi door and window sensor
1x Glue paste
1x Manual


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