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ZLL SG906 MAX Beast 3 RC Drone

ZLL SG906 MAX Beast 3 RC Drone

Brand: Samsung
Category: RC Drone

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Stunning 4K Ultra HD Images

With the help of 5G WIFI, real-time video can be obtained from the drone camera without delay, the longest control distance can reach 1200 meters, and the longest image transmission distance can reach 800 meters. Flying through the air has never been more stunning with 4K UHD super-resolution.

Three-axis Gimbal and EIS

The three-axis mechanically stabilized gimbal + EIS electronic anti-shake effect brings more effective anti-shake effect, easily filtering out image vibration caused by the outside world while ensuring image quality.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

When the quadcopter detects an obstacle or obstacle ahead, it will automatically bypass it. Such smart design greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the drone.

3 Return Modes

Beast 3 has multiple return-to-home functions. Automatically record starting position before takeoff. When automatic return to home is required, the intelligent return to home mode is automatically implemented. When the battery power is lower than about 25% or the remote control loses signal, it will automatically return to home.


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