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ATOMSTACK Cambrian Max Desktop Rubber 3D Printer

ATOMSTACK Cambrian Max Desktop Rubber 3D Printer

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Wearable


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1. The world’s first 3D printer for rubber material –Cambrian.
2. All anodized aluminum alloy body structure, all modules and main components are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which can ensure the rigidity required for accurate printing.
3. The item is equipped with an extruder for 2.85mm diameter rubber filament , modular design, and an additional special extruder for 1.75mm diameter filament is available to order, which could be quickly replaced. The printing function and switch freely. The 2.85mm extruder is used for printing TPR, and the 1.75mm extruder is for printing traditional filament PLA, PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, etc.
4. Integrated print head design, near-end feeding, precise control of filament extrusion and recycling, which makes prints pretty fine,no drawing nor blocking.
5. Exclusive developed super elastic printing rubber filament-TPR, with high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and high resiliences rate (>50%). Using TPR rubber filament to achieve high-quality end-application rubber products at a lower cost : sports equipment, auto parts, electronic equipment, medical equipment, industrial design, etc. Create and print everyday objects and useful gadgets. The sole prints  withstands 200,000 bends.
6. Ultra-quiet TMC2225 motor drive chip, fast, accurate, and quiet.
7. Large printing size, single-time maximum support 330*320*380mm works
8. Brand-new lattice glass hot bed, rapid heating up to 110°in 2 minutes (high hardness, not easy to scratch, easy to remove model).
9. 4.3 -inch capacitive touch screen resolution: 800 * 480 , the new UI design, easy to operate.
10. Hidden wiring harness, more beautiful and safer.
11. Rotatable cylinder rack reduces material deformation.
12. The Z -axis dual-motor ensure the printing horizontal and stable .
13. Simple operation and intelligent leveling.
14. Branded power supply, supports long continuous printing and resume printing for filament interruption as well as power interruption.
15. The printing status could be easily judged by ambient light change.
16. Easy to install,ready for use once unpacked.
Package included:
1 x  3D Printer
1 x Accessories Kit(as the pictures show)



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