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Darwinfpv BabyApe Ⅱ Racing Drone

Darwinfpv BabyApe Ⅱ Racing Drone

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: E-bike


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BabyApe Ⅱ RTF is the ideal choice for beginners to learn fpv drones. The BabyApe Ⅱ kit includes BabyApe Ⅱ fpv drone, Radiomaster TX12 MARK II transmitter, 5.8G Dual Antenna 40CH 3-inch glasses, 4S 850mAh battery and charger, etc., to solve your troubles of not knowing how to match them. Compared with the first generation of Baby Ape, BabyApe Ⅱ has a more powerful configuration, adopts more reliable manufacturing technology and a new power system, and has a higher level of performance, durability and power. With Radiomaster TX12 MARK II transmitter and 4s 850mAh batteries, the flight time can reach 13 minutes, the flight distance is 1.5 kilometers, and the maximum speed is 92km/h.


  • BabyApe Ⅱ uses 1504 motors with 3.5-inch propellers, which have strong power and faster response.
  • Glue potting protects the camera and stack from damage caused by contact with metal particles, fine sand, gravel, weeds, or damp, and the complete electronic system is more reliable and durable.
  • A buzzer and more LED lights are added, which are very helpful for beginners who usually meet scenarios such as battery over-discharge, drone falling due to misoperation, and looking for drones.
  • Radiomaster TX12 MARK II transmitter with built-in ELRS module and up to 2 kilometers of remote control range. The Hall joystick makes the remote control more accurate. With super high cost performance and It is the best match for BabyApe Ⅱ.
  • Equipped with VR009 5.8G dual-antenna 40CH 3-inch goggles, small in size and light in weight, with dual-antenna reception, stable signal and a delay as low as 10ms.


Brand: DarwinFPV

BabyApe Ⅱ Analog FPV Drone 4s

  • Model: Baby Ape Ⅱ Analog
  • Wheelbase: 156mm
  • Dimension: 126mm x 150mm x 50mm
  • Flight Controller: F411 MPU6500 AT7456E
  • ESC: Bluejay 48KHz 3-6S 30A
  • CameraDarwinFPV “Cement” waterproof camera
  • VTX:5.8G 600mW
  • Motor: 1504-3600KV(4S version)
  • Propeller: HQProp T3.5x2x3GR-PC
  • Hovering Time: 13mins (4S 850mAh Battery)
  • Furthest distance: 1.5km
  • Top speed: 92km/h


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