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ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX FDM 3D Printer

ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX FDM 3D Printer

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  • Banggood ELEGOO Neptune 4 MAX FDM 3D Printer $469
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Technical specifications of Neptune 4 Plus and Neptune 4 Max in comparison:

Neptune 4 Plus Neptune 4 Max
Build Volume 320x320x385mm 420x420x480mm
Firmware Klipper
Standard Print Speed 250mm/s
Max. Print Speed 500mm/s
Max. Acceleration 12,000 mm/s² 8,000 mm/s²
Bed Levelling Automatically, over 121 points
Extruder Dual Gear Direct Drive
Heated Bed 320W, 110°C 320W, 85°C
Build Plate Magnetic PEI plate
Nozzle 300 °C high temp
LED Nozzle Light Yes
LED Light with 24 LEDs with 30 LEDs


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