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FIMI Manta RC Airplane

FIMI Manta RC Airplane

Brand: Huawei
Category: Wearable


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Product Information:

1. The product is available in two versions: PNP and PNP-FC. Both versions do not include battery or remote control, and users need to configure these components themselves.

2. PNP Version: compatible with FC( http://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=f405-wte) and a 4-in-1 ESC not less than 20A.

3. PNP-FC Version: match the batteries and the remote control can be realized flight.

4. Recommended Battery: Select a 3S LiPo battery.

5. Recommended Remote Control: we recommend using devices that support SBUS or CRSF signal from the receiver. Compatible options include Radiomaster tX16S MKII, Radiomaster TX12, Radiomaster BOXER, Radiomaster ZORRO, as well as other brands like FrSky, FlySky, Radiolink, Jumper, WLFLY, and SIYI.

6. The Manta PNP-FC version Power Plug Model: XT3.

7. Flight Altitude and Distance: The flight altitude and range depend on the capabilities of your chosen remote control and map transmission system.

8. FPV Functionality: If you wish to experience FPV flying, you will need to purchase and install an analog or high-definition map transmitter separately.


Brand Name: FIMI

Item Name: Manta

Material: EPP

Wingspan: 700mm

Length: 445mm
Takeoff Weight: 500g
Cruising Speed: 12m/s
Stall Speed: 8m/s
Wing Area: 11.8dm²
Motor: 2004 2700KV
ESC: 20A three-in-one ESC
Propeller: 6026 two-blade propeller
Recommended Battery (not included): 3S 1P 18650 or 3S 1P 21700 5000mAh (maximum endurance of 85 minutes)

– Flying Wing Biomimetic Layout Design

The Manta VTOL fixed wing utilizes a Y3 configuration with tilting rotor design, combining the advantages of multirotor hover capability with efficient cruising characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft.

– Quick Assembly and Disassembly Wing Design
Manta supports quick assembly and disassembly of wings, is compact and easy to carry, and convenient for storage.

– 85 Minutes of Ultra-long Extreme Endurance
The Manta features an extra-large capacity battery compartment that is compatible with 3S1P 18650, 4S1P 18650, and 3S1P 21700 batteries.

– Lightweight High-density EPP Material

Made with lightweight, high density, environmentally friendly EPP material, Manta possesses compressive cushioning and thermal insulation properties. It is resilient, resistant to deformation, duration against impacts, and easy to repair.

– Fully Compatible With ArduPilot Open-Source Firmware
Being fully compatible with open-source software allows to customize their own configurations. Since its code is continuously synchronized in real time with official software, it offers a high level of playability.

– Rich In Playability
The standard configuration includes foam parts for converting the fixed wing into a dual-engine forward-pull setup. Players can freely modify the aircraft into a dual-engine configuration using the modification parts provided.

PNP Version Included:

1x FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing

3x Motor

4x Servo

3x Propeller

PNP With Flight Controller Version Included:

1x FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing

3x Motor

4x Servo

3x Propeller

1x Flight Controller

1x ESC

1x GPS


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