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FlyDiGi APEX 4 Gaming Controller

FlyDiGi APEX 4 Gaming Controller

Brand: Huawei
Category: Accessories


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1. The innovative and adjustable force feedback trigger can adjust the stroke, damping and vibration of the Hall trigger, and convey the physical characteristics of the game to the trigger, immersing the game experience; hundreds of software optimizations make the game world come alive

4. Full-color interactive screen, a variety of functions are easy to operate, the visual settings are introduced into the Gamepad, no physical combination keys, no need to connect to a PC, one screen can be done; the screen animation can be customized to create your own personalized equipment.

3. ABXY 2.0 mechanical micro-buttons are both sensitive and tactile. ABXY mechanical micro-motion button, the trigger stroke is 0.3mm, to achieve fast button burst performance; the elastic wall silicone structure is added to ensure the rebound feel of the button.

4. High-precision somatosensory mapping technology, precise aiming, different from other game controllers that map somatosensory to the right joystick, Octopus 3 has built-in six-axis somatosensory components and chips, and directly maps somatosensory to mouse input to achieve higher-precision pixels Level displacement precise positioning.

5. The eight-way “+” key of the rotating shaft adopts FLYDIGI’s self-developed rotating shaft technology, which is sensitively triggered in eight directions, and the thumb feedback is accurate, allowing fighting players to easily control various command tables.

6. Wired, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connection, compatible for Nintendo Switch, PC Steam, TV


7. Quality appearance, performance is very different, 4 back buttons, more custom macros; large area of ​​the grip adhesive, comfortable and non-slip.

8. Asymmetric vibration motor, creating a sense of difference between hands

9. 1500mAh battery, long battery life

Package Includes:

1x FlyDiGi APEX 4 Gaming Controller Gamepad

1x Receiver

1x Cable

1x Manual


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