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ILIFE W400 1000Pa Mopping Robot

ILIFE W400 1000Pa Mopping Robot

Brand: iLA
Category: Accessories

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TidalPower Cleaning System

The all-new TidalPower Cleaning System cleans stubborn stains thoroughly while protecting the floor.

4 Mopping Modes

Moisten: Dampens the floor with clean water to loosen stubborn stains.
Scrub: Ultrafine fiber roller deeply washes the floor with gentle scrubs at a high frequency.
Suction: Superior suction removes dirty water. Switch to the max mode for stronger suction power.
Scrape: Scraper wipes off the residues, leaving the floor spotless.

850ml Clean Water Tank and 900ml Dirty Water Tank

Separated compartments for clean and dirty water with individual inlets and outlets ensure cleaning efficiency.

4 Cleaning Modes

W400 floor washing robot has 4 cleaning modes: path mode, area mode, spot mode, and edge mode.

Path Mode (Zigzag mode): The robot drives around the premises in straight lines, turns around 90° if there are obstacles and then continues straight again.

Area Mode (zone cleaning): A specific area in which the robot is located is scanned. The picture above gives the impression that you could set up “forbidden zones” for the robot, which it then does not drive through.

Spot Mode (spot cleaning): The W400 rotates on itself in increasing but linear movements, wiping the area in its immediate vicinity.

Edge mode (wall function): Walls or obstacles in particular are driven down on the outside.

OBS All-Terrain Detection System

W400 has a whole set of terrain detection sensors, allowing it to complete cleaning tasks autonomously.

Real-time Voice Broadcast

Equipped with real-time voice broadcast, you can know the working status clearly.


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