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KHADAS Mind Premium Mini PC

KHADAS Mind Premium Mini PC

Brand: OPPO
Category: Accessories


  • Banggood KHADAS Mind Premium Mini PC $ 1072.23
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  • KHADAS mind mini computer has an extremely compact form-factor, weighing merely 450g and occupying only 1/4 the space of an A4 paper.
  • KHADAS Mind mini PC is powered by an Intel i7-1360P 12-core 16 threads processor, for 5.0GHz max turbo frequency
  • Hot-swap feature enabled by built-in 5.55Wh standby battery, offering more than 25 hours of sleep mode, seamlessly unplug without having to close or save your work.
  • Effortless expansion up to 2TB with additional M.2 NVMe 2230 SSD slots hidden beneath a clever magnetic cover plate
  • Efficient thermal system with VC liquid cooling, pure copper cooling fins, and a magnetic levitation cooling fan
  • The Mind Link, high-speed connector empowers KHADAS Mind to seamlessly switch between different locations without the need to shut down or close any documents, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Wi-Fi 6E has higher speed, larger capacity, better performance and higher reliability. Bluetooth 5.3 has lower latency and stronger anti-interference ability, allowing your device quick connection.


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