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SCULPFUN iCube 3W Laser Engraver

SCULPFUN iCube 3W Laser Engraver

Brand: Doogee
Category: 3D Printer


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3W Ultra-fine Laser

iCube uses the 3W diode laser with 0.02mm ultra-fine laser focus. It has super fine engraving ability which can present high-definition engraving images. This laser engraver is suitable for engraving detailed objects and can cut colored paper and create three-dimensional paper works.

High-Speed Engraving

iCube 3W laser engraver with the 32-bit motherboard greatly improves the engraving efficiency, which can reach 10000mm/min engraving speed.

With Smoke Filter

Sculpfun iCube laser engraver is equipped with a smoke filtration system that effectively filters the smoke generated during the engraving and cutting process without the enclosure, which makes it more convenient to engrave and cut in an office or home. Bringing more usage scenarios and enjoying the fun of engraving without limitation.

Multiple Connection Methods

The laser engraving machine supports mobile phone and computer system connection. You can connect to the iCube machine via your mobile phone with the Sculpfun APP, or you can connect to the computer with the Bluetooth function or Type-C interface data cable. It is compatible with Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/MAC/IOS/Android/Linux system.

Temperature Alarm Function

Built with the temperature alarm device, the machine will stop running and emit a buzzer alarm when the temperature inside the engraving machine is over 45 Celsius to ensure the safety of users and equipment. And when the temperature descends, restart the machine to start the work.

Enclosed Eye Protection Shield

iCube portable laser engraver is designed with a detachable fully enclosed Acrylic material eye protection shield, which can effectively protect your eyes from different angles. It enables you to observe the laser engraving process without wearing the goggles.

Engraving Objects without Size Limit

With the unique semi-open structure design, there is no limitation by the size of the engraving objects. You can place them inside the machine or put the machine on the surface of some large objects to perform the tasks. The patterns engraving area is 130x130mm which can meet your various engraving demands.

Replaceable Laser Lens

Sculpfun iCube series adopts an innovative laser head that supports to replace the laser lens, which greatly improves the service life of the laser by more than 10 times longer than that of other general lasers. When the lens is damaged or dirtied after long-term use, it can be replaced to restore the cutting power.

Some Important Tips:

  • 1: About the Engraving Materials:
    Note that any specular reflective objects can not be engraved, otherwise, the laser reflection will damage the laser head.
  • 2: About the smoke filter:
    A free set of cotton filters is attached with the purchase, it needs to be replaced periodically to ensure the filter effect.
  • 3: About the laser lens:
    A free lens is attached to the package with the purchase, which also can be ordered separately.


  • Because of the powerful laser, it is forbidden to run the engraving machine unattended. Please pause it if you’re not around.
  • Please refer to the user manual for detailed machine instructions and parameter settings.
  • Please install the laser protective cover before operating the machine; if not, a pair of goggles is needed.
  • Do not touch the laser with your hands, or it may burn your hands.
  • Please avoid a strong impact on the machine.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed to use this product and children over 14 need adult supervision.
  • Do not apply the laser directly to any specular reflective objects as this may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.


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