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SCULPFUN RA Pro Rotary Chuck for Laser Engraver

SCULPFUN RA Pro Rotary Chuck for Laser Engraver

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  • Banggood SCULPFUN RA Pro Rotary Chuck for Laser Engraver $179.99
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Multi-function Rotary Module: The SCULPFUN RA Pro is equipped with 3 sets of jaw attachments: stepped jaws, L-shaped jaws and hexagonal jaws. By simply replacing the attachments, it enables the engraving of more objects with irregular shapes such as wine glasses, baseballs, baseball bats, glass cups, and handled mugs. This significantly expands your creative possibilities and meets the needs of a wider range of engraving projects.

180° Adjustable Angle: This rotary roller has an adjustable angle of 180 degrees, within which it can be freely adjusted for more space to process large objects. And the side is designed with the angle line for easy viewing, which allows for flexible positioning and facilitates the application in various processing scenarios, enhancing the engraving experience.

Easy and Convenient: SCULPFUN RA Pro is specially designed for the laser engraving machines, and it can be used right out of the box without installation. Comes with adapter cables, simply connect it to the Y-axis stepper motor interface of the laser engravers to use, plug and play. This user-friendly design makes the usage process much easier and more convenient.

Durable Metal Structure: The chuck is composed of anodized aluminum alloy materials as a whole, providing excellent corrosion resistance. The claw part is made of high-strength brass to ensure firmness and reliability, and is not easy to slide for a long time use. This robust metal construction offers stability and durability.

Wide Compatibility: RA Pro laser rotary roller comes with a measuring tape and mini level, making it easier to measure the diameter and circumference of the objects to ensure the levelness of the engraving objects. Additionally, SCULPFUN rotary roller is widely compatible with a variety of engraving software such as LightBurn or LaserGRBL, and can be used with S6/S6 Pro/S9/S10/S30 series/S30 Ultra series/SF-A9, which provides you with more choices and flexibility.

Multifunctional Support Bracket: SCULPFUN RA Pro rotary chuck is equipped with a multi-functional support bracket system.The tailstock utilizes a hand screw to tightly fix the spherical objects. The dual wheel extension bracket features with the function of adjustable height and three width options for easy processing of extra-long cylindrical objects. This design simplifies support and adjustments, allowing more machining options.

RA Pro model do not include the roller

Compatible Machines: S6/S6 Pro/S9/S10/S30 Series/S30 Ultra Series/SF-A9
Note: For other models, please check with us
Software: LightBurn/LaserGRBL (LightBurn is recommended)



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