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Unitree Go 1 Pro Bionic Companion Robot

Unitree Go 1 Pro Bionic Companion Robot

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Accessories


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Bionic Companion Robot

The Unitree GO1 series robot is a bionic companion robot, that is very simple to operate. It can simulate a real dog’s behavior according to your instructions. It can dance, carry objects, run and follow, and it holds the world record for running by a robot at 6.17 mile per hour.

APP God’s Perspective

The app in combination with the companion dog provides omni-directional and ultra wide-angle video image transmission, which can observe the surrounding and terrain of the dog, allowing for easy operation beyond your own visual range.

Intelligent Side Following System

The product utilizes a patented wireless vector positioning and control system, which enables the robot to be located in your line of sight, this is far superior to the conventional following mode. With the robot following beside you there is no need to worry about the dog getting stuck or lost. This is beneficial in a crowded environment allowing the human to easily guide the robot and create a human-machine interaction that is natural and harmonious.

Super Sensory System

The GO1 PRO is equipped with five sets of super fisheye cameras and has super AI computing power. This enables the GO1 PRO to not only recognize and track its owner but also to identify and avoid obstacles in its path.


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