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XIAOMI MI Projector Mini Projector

XIAOMI MI Projector Mini Projector

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Accessories


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Main Feature:

*Small body, easy to carry, net weight 1.2kg

*Large capacity battery, more than 2 hours of battery life

*With 720P full HD physical resolution, restore the original color of the picture

*1.5 inches, 8W Full frequency high fidelity loudspeaker

*The screen supports auto focus , keep the screen clear at all times

*Supports four-point keystone correction, supports side projection, and the placement position can be changed at will

*Low Latency Game Mode

*Low blue light eye protection certification, safer viewing mode

*Equipped with high-grade TV chip Amlogic T972, high-performance CPU, with 2+16GB of memory, it is always smooth and not stuck


*Small body, easy to travel

Concise and stylish design, 95x98x153mm small three-dimensional body, net weight 1.2kg, easy to carry.

*Built-in high-capacity battery, battery life up to two hours

Suitable for camping, business, parties and other occasions, even outdoors, the battery life is enough to watch a movie.

*Ultra high performance chip

The mini is equipped with the chip Amlogic T972 selected for 10,000-dollar TVs, high-performance CPU, with 2GB+16GB large memory, watching high-definition video, running large-scale software, and it can run smoothly without lag.

*Support four-point keystone correction

Freely adjust up, down, left and right, and support keystone correction even in side projection

*The screen is automatically focused, and you can see a clear picture at all times

Equipped with a high-sensitivity camera, intelligent monitoring auto focus, eliminating the trouble of manual focus

*Restore the original color of the screen

With 720P full HD physical resolution, portable projectors can also have ultra-high-definition picture quality.

*Full-frequency high-fidelity super loudspeaker, great sound

Built-in 1.5-inch, 8W high-power high-quality speakers, matching the cinema-level WANOS panoramic sound virtual sound field technology, the treble and bass are equally clear, and the sense of three-dimensional space is stronger, making people feel like watching movies in theaters.

*Low-latency game mode

The delay effect is as low as 40ms, so you don’t have to worry about lag when playing games

*Smart eye protection

The mini projector has passed the Swiss SGS low blue light authoritative certification, which can effectively filter the blue light with the wavelength of 415-455nm in the display light, reduce eye irritation, relieve eye fatigue under long-term viewing, and take more care of children’s eyes.


Product name : Xiaomi Projector mini

Product size: 95 x 98 x 153mm

Product Net Weight : 1.2kg

Product brightness: 250ANSI lm

Lens focus: auto focus

Display Technology : DLP

Light source technology : LED

Standard resolution: 720P

Throw ratio : 1.2 : 1

Screen size: 30inch-120inch

Keystone : Four-point keystone


Built-in storage: MIUI for TV

APP : Pre-installed third-party APP

Brightness mode: watching, office, energy saving

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery capacity: 29.97Wh

Sound : Wanos panoramic sound

Smart Thermostat 90: Automatically switch the brightness mode, automatically adjust the fan rotation

Noise: ≤28dB(A) Viewing mode

Remote control: Bluetooth remote control



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