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Xiaomi x MIIIW POP Series Z680cc Mechanical Keyboard

Xiaomi x MIIIW POP Series Z680cc Mechanical Keyboard

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Gaming


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Space-Saving 68-Key Compact Layout

Simple design without sacrificing functions. Size optimization makes the keyboard compact and powerful.

PUSH-PUSH Self-Locking Switch

An innovative PUSH-PUSH self-locking switch design allows for connection with a push, and enables could disconnection of the built-in battery with another push. The small button showcases the sense of control and energy-saving awareness.

Smooth Feel With Refined Satellite Switches Of Large Keys

Select large keys satellite switches, professional and precise tuning, creating an upgraded user experience with incredible sound and feel.

Clear Status Indication – Ressuring Proper Operation

It is a brilliant a pastiche of various functions, providing superb experience. The indicator design enables clear indication of the keyboard working status when multiple devices are connected.

N-KEY Rollover

N-key rollover ensures that all keys pressed will be registered by the game, even if multiple keys are pressed at the same time.

Transparent Characters Created By High-Precision Laser Carving Technology

Delicate ABS with spray painting and high-precision laser carving technology. Allows for clear-cut refined characters. The LED light on the back highlights delicacy and style.


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