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ZLL SG100 Plus 2 RC Glider Drone

ZLL SG100 Plus 2 RC Glider Drone

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: RC Drone


  • Banggood ZLL SG100 Plus 2 RC Glider Drone € 64.91
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1. Equipped with an HD camera, clearly restore the scene image and record the beautiful moment.
2. Through the mobile phone APP, you can view the images taken by the drone in real-time, and the high-definition transmission will not be delayed.
3. Optical flow fixed point, light switching, one-button take-off, high and low-speed shifting, headless mode, 360° flip, surround, one-button photo taking. Multiple functions bring you more fun.
4. Equipped with a powerful brushless motor and large-capacity battery, giving you a long-lasting flying experience.


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