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ZLL SG108 PRO RC Drone

ZLL SG108 PRO RC Drone

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: RC Drone


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1. GPS one-key return to takeoff point, low battery return, no signal return.
2. GPS intelligent follow: After the aircraft is connected to GPS, turn on the APP follow function, and the aircraft will follow the mobile phone.
Image follow: Recognize and automatically follow the shooting object within 1-5m of the aircraft.
3. Gesture recognition for shooting: Make a photo gesture / video gesture facing the camera within 1-5m of the aircraft.
4. Multi-point planned flight route: The aircraft autonomously flies according to the pre-set route, and the player focuses on shooting.
5. Fixed-point surround: Find the center point of the surround, and then move the joystick to the desired surround radius.
6. Aircraft retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon three times in a row to open the map interface, and the map displays the distance and latitude and longitude position of the aircraft.
7. MV function: filters, video effects, adding background music, picture / video sharing.


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