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VITURE One XR Smart Glasses

VITURE One XR Smart Glasses

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Wearable


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1. 【See the Future: The First XR/AR Glasses With Adjustable Electrochromic Film】The first of their kind with tint-changing film, VITURE One XR Glasses display a seamless, pixel-free virtual screen right before your eyes and are compatible with virtually any USB-C device capable of video and power output (including for iPhone 15 / 15 Pro, Steam Deck, ROG Ally, MacBook, iPad, and many Android phones).
2. 【Top-notch Immersive Audio-Visual Experience】Unlock a giant 55 PPD virtual screen displaying 1080p at 60fps for fully engrossing visual immersion. VITURE partnered with top audio company HARMAN, creator of AudioEFX, to engineer the XR Glasses’ reverse sound field designed to effectively reduce noise leakage to 30 decibels at a distance of 20cm (8in) from the speakers, ensuring excellent sound quality and no disturbance to those around you.
3. 【Game & Steam Anywhere, Anytime】One of TIME’s Best Inventions, VITURE One has always led the way in the XR industry as the first XR Glasses designed for gamers offering seamless support for all consoles, including an exclusive partnership with PSPlay and XBXPlay, the best remote play apps on the market!
4. 【The First To Support Apple’s Spatial Video】Make the most for iPhone 15 Pro’s newest camera feature — start recording 3D videos now to relive your favorite memories and precious moments later in XR with VITURE’s FREE SpaceWalker app (even without conversion)!
5. 【The First & Only XR Experience for iPhone】While the glasses work directly for iPhone 15/15 Pro, our exclusive adapters & SpaceWalker app unlock the first and only XR experience on all for iPhones, including 1-Click 3D (for iPhone 15/ 15 Pro)/ Multi-screen workflow/ Enhanced 3DoF/ VR Video (for all for iPhones) and more!
6. 【The First & Only XR Glasses Supporting Co-op & Screen Sharing】VITURE One is the first and only XR ecosystem made to be enjoyed together! With VITURE One’s Mobile Dock, you can connect two pairs of XR Glasses to the same device — perfect for playing your favorite co-op Switch games on the go or streaming a movie together from your phone to VITURE One’s massive virtual display.
7. 【Myopia Adjustments To Provide Highest Clarity】VITURE One XR/AR Smart Glasses support adjusting the virtual image up to -5.0D (500 degrees) for users with myopia (nearsightedness). Easily set the dials above VITURE One’s lenses to your vision prescription for crystal clarity as you immerse yourself in the worlds of your choosing.
8.【Diverse Uses: 3D & 3DoF】 VITURE One XR Glasses feature native full SBS 3D video (3840×1080) support and are the only XR Glasses with native 3DoF (beta) support, allowing your screen to “float” in the air as you turn your head when enabled.
9.【SGS A+ Eye-care Certified】 VITURE One XR Glasses are SGS-certified to cause less eye strain than mobile phone displays and even traditional screens like your livingroom TV. Watch and play for hours on end in total visual comfort!
10. 【The First Full-metal XR Glasses, Including Premium Titanium Hinges】Quality, durability, and longevity are central to each element of VITURE One’s design. From support for universal standards like USB-C to emphasis on cloud computing and even full-body construction using aircraft grade aluminum alloys, VITURE One is built to last inside and out.

Package Include:

1x VITURE One XR Glasses
4x Nose pads (4 sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4)
1x USB-C to Magnetic Connector Cable
1x Glasses Case
1x Anti-clip Hair Cover

1x USB-C to USB-C Cable

1x Neckband

1x Mobile Dock


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