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WalkingPad R2

WalkingPad R2

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Accessories

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Product Details

  • Features
    – Folding design, noise reduction and foot feeling speed control.
    – Automatic speed control patent technology.
    – LED display.
    – Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
    – Foldable design patent
    – Intimate moving wheel, easy to move and save effort.
    – Comfortable walking platform.
  • Specification
    Brand: Xiaomi Kingsmith
    Product: Treadmill
    Model: R2
    Motor: 1.25 HP ~ 918W DC brushless
    Speed ​​range: 0.5~12km/h
    Maximum load supported: 110kg
    Suspension system: Suspension system
    Dimensions when opened: 1478 x 675 x 956 mm
    Dimensions when folded: 1000 x 720 x 161.5 mm
    Treadmill area: 1200 x 440 mm
    Weight: 36 kg
  • Package content
    1 x WalkingPad R2 Treadmill
    1 x Charing Cable
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x Hanging Rope


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