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Xiaomi Mijia 150PSI Air Pump

Xiaomi Mijia 150PSI Air Pump

Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Accessories


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Product model: MJCQBO6QW

Net weight of product: approximately 490g

Battery type: lithium-ion battery

Inflation pressure: 0.2-10.3ba/3-150psi
Working temperature: 10℃~45℃
Charging temperature: 5℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -10℃~45℃
Rated capacity: 2000mAh (14.4Wh)
Working noise distance: 1 meter, noise below 80dB (A)
Rated input: 5V=2A
Charging interface: type-C
Charging time: approximately 3 hours
Sensor accuracy: ± 1psi
Executive standard: Q/310107QW007
Product size: approximately 123 × seventy-five point five × 45.8mm (bare metal size, excluding gas pipes)
High pressure gas pipe size: The extraction length of the gas pipe is 200mm (including American style gas nozzle interface, not including thread)
Air nozzle size (inner diameter):
American style air nozzle interface Φ 6.9mm
French style nozzle adapter Φ 6mm
Quick connect nozzle adapter Φ 6.9mm


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